Wisconsin Pest Control Services

When We’re Gone – The Bugs Are Too

At MasterGuard Pest Control, Inc. we believe in educating our great Wisconsin pest control customers as much as helping them eradicate their pest problems. Being a Wisconsin based pest control company, we’ve specially trained our pest control technicians to deal with pests found mainly within the Wisconsin borders.

To see the most common pests we deal with, head over to our pest library, full of information about the creepy crawly’s and pesky vermin we deal with every day.

Need To Schedule A Treatment?

To schedule a treatment, or inquire about our services, fill out the form to the right and a rep will contact you shortly. For immediate support and scheduling, please call us at 262-408-2220 and we’ll schedule you in as soon as possible.

What Do We Do Exactly?

MasterGuard Pest Control, Inc. provides top notch pest control services to both commercial and residential properties ranging from simple pest inspections (free for first time customers), to pest removal and routine pest prevention, servicing nearly all of southern Wisconsin, see more about our service area at the bottom of the page.

While we encourage our customers to see our pest library for the most common pests we deal with, MasterGuard Pest Control technicians are trained to handle most pest problems so feel free to give us a call at 262-408-2220 and tell us about your pest problem, we’d be happy to help!

Why Choose MasterGuard Pest Control?

MasterGuard Pest Control, Inc. has over 50 years combined experience with Wisconsin pest control properties. We know each home and business requires a unique plan of attack to best remove and prevent pesky pests from causing problems.

We’ll work with you, every step of the way, making sure you are fully aware and understand every step we take to ensure you receive the best pest control services a Wisconsin pest control company can offer!

All new, first time customers receive a free pest inspection and if you call now, we’ll take $35 off any treatment you may need, so call now!


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