Wisconsin Pest Control Services

By MasterGuard Pest Control, Inc.

Providing Professional Pest Inspections, Pest Removal And Pest Prevention Against:

● Ants
● Bed Bugs
● Bees
● Box Elder Bugs

● Centipedes
● Cockroaches
● Fleas
● Millipedes

● Mosquitos
● Moles
● Rodents
● Silverfish

● Spiders
● Ticks
● And More!

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Our Pest Control Services

Rodents, spiders, and insects will always find a way into homes and businesses that do not use preventive treatments. Some significant warning signs of an existing infestation are seeing droppings and feces, chew marks on wood or wires, and observing the critter firsthand. Dangerous diseases, unsanitary liveable spaces, allergic reactions, and the safety of your family and property are reasons to contact MasterGuard Pest Control Inc.

Pest Inspections

Let us handle the hard part by finding where your pest problem or problems originate. Once we know where your pest problem is coming from we can start the elimination and prevention treatment and get you on your way to a pest free home.

Pest Removal

We offer customized pest removal plans to cater to your homes exact needs. After our inspection, we’ll get to work removing any existing pest presence. Depending on your customized plan, we’ll routinely come back for prevention treatments as often as you need.

Pest Prevention

Once we’ve removed any existing pests around your home, we’ll engage in routine preventative treatments to keep you pest free all year long, no matter how cold or how hot the weather! Rain, sleet or shine, we’re there to help. Give us a call anytime.

Rodent Pest Control

Mice and rats have become a developing problem in Wisconsin and the surrounding areas.  Many times rodents enter into your home through holes no wide than a dime. A rodent infestation can go unnoticed for months while they feed on insulation, gnaw on wood and wiring throughout your home. Often times, a lot of repair needs to be done once the infestation is found. This is why MasterGuard takes the time to prevent the infestation from occurring.  With pest prevention, along with rodent preventatives, our customers are happy living rodent-free.

Cockroach Control

Resistant to most store-bought pesticides, never take chances with Do-It-Yourself pest control when try rid your property of cockroaches. Our technicians will place treatment within a few visits a couple of weeks apart. After spraying, they will come out of hiding, and that it when you will be noticing lifeless or dead cockroaches. Disinfect any areas of infestation, because they carry bacteria and deadly diseases.

Bed Bug Pest Control

Is one of the most challenging pests to get rid of is the infamous BED BUG. In severe cases, fumigation is often necessary to completely rid a home of a bed bug infestation. MasterGuard offers bed bugs prevention and bed bug fumigation services.