Wasp Removal Milwaukee, Wisconsin

From a distance, wasps are an amazing insect to watch buzz around your yard from flower to flower, but up close they can become much more dangerous to you or your friends and family. By their nature, wasps are much more aggressive than your average bee and for as fun as it is to watch them, the smarter decision is to remove their presence altogether before an incident can take place.




Where Do Wasps Build Their Nests?

They’re generally built in high locations on overhangs or trees, but anywhere up off the ground will due for a wasp. A few places we’d recommend checking for wasp nests are near gutters, large trees with branches jutting out, ceiling corners, sun umbrellas and under tables, benches or chairs. However wasps like to build their nests in many different places and unfortunately they generally go unnoticed until their nests are too large to be handled by your average homeowner. If you feel you are seeing wasps around your property, don’t hesitate to call Masterguard Pest Control to get a full check and wasp removal treatment.




When Should I Consider Wasp Removal?

The short answer is immediately.

Unlike bees, wasps have the capability of stinging multiple times causing their presence to be much more menacing than their other flying counterparts. Chances are if you see one wasp, there are more in the area and they’ll only grow in numbers. Wasp removal and wasp prevention treatments can rid your property of wasps, leaving a safe and harmless environment.




What’s The Difference Between A Bee And A Wasp?

Honey bees and bumblebees alike are much more neutral in their behavior, only becoming aggressive when they feel threatened. Believe it or not, bees would much rather be gathering nectar for their colony than sting you. This is because when a bee stings with its barbed stinger, their stinger detaches and the bee ends up dying soon after.

More often than not, if a bee does land on you it’s because they need a rest or think you’re a flower but will quickly realize you’re not and fly off. If they don’t happen to fly away, gently blow in their direction and they’ll likely fly off elsewhere.

Wasps however are much more aggressive. This is mainly because they’re more likely to be in areas where they have access to all types of food including other insects, trash, sugary drinks and even meats. They can be spotted by their bright coloring and their hairless shiny exteriors where as your average bee is hairy and a shade of brown or amber coloring.

Unlike bees though, wasps can sting many times without worry and will not hesitate to do so even when unprovoked. So always consider professional wasp removal before taking on a wasp nest by yourself. Chances are you can be stung and possibly hospitalized from only a few stings. Our teams wear proper safety gear and clothing when doing wasp removal treatments to keep everyone safe. Our wasp removal technicians also know how to approach, remove and treat areas where wasps are so that they won’t return.

For more information regarding bees and wasps, please see our pest library.