Wasp Control in Grand Rapids, Michigan

For wasp control in Grand Rapids, MI, call MasterGuard Pest Control today for removal and preventative control measures. Wasps can be dangerous to adults, children, and pets, so please be careful around wasps in general, but especially around wasp nests. Wasp control consists of residual spraying to repel wasps as well as removal of any existing wasp hives.






Where is Wasp Control the Most Useful

Living in Grand Rapids, MI, you may notice wasps around the eaves of your roof or see the start of a hive. If you see either wasps or a hive, you need to engage in wasp control. Wasps, like bees, can create hives in trees, on brick, or on wood so you should regularly check your property and do wasp control to prevent any unwanted pests. If your porch is open underneath, check once a month during the spring and summer seasons in Grand Rapids to make sure its clear of wasps. Sheds or storage areas with vents can also be home for wasps because they like areas that aren’t disturbed often.

Anyone with allergies or who are vulnerable to stings from bees or wasps should always stay clear of any known wasp nests. Wasp Control in Grand Rapids, MI from MasterGuard Pest Control can help safely remove wasps, treat the areas that the wasps are and areas they could occupy in the future. Keeping wasps away with a regular or seasonal wasp control program in Grand Rapids, MI is the best and most effective way to keep everyone safe.

If you are going to attempt to do wasp control yourself, please don’t try to remove a hive or combs without protection. Wear loose, long sleeves and pants with gloves and eye protection. If you can wear a bug net helmet or mask, it’s recommended. However, because of the real danger wasps pose, consider contacting MasterGuard Pest Control for wasp control first.

For more information regarding bees and wasps, please see our pest library. If you have a wasp or bee pest issue please call MasterGuard Pest Control immediately at: (616) 284-3888.