treating bed bug bites

Treating Bed Bug Bites

In most cases bed bug bites will cause irritation in the skin but will hardly result in a serious breakout on the skin. Treating bed bug bites can be done with a variety of methods and in some cases using more than one method at a time can help.

You can start treating your bed bug bite with cortisone cream as an anti itch solution to help quickly reduce any itching due to the bite. Remember to avoid scratching the bites as it will cause greater inflammation, itching and increases the chance of infection of the bite.

Taking an antihistamine can also relieve an allergic reaction and reduce irritation but should not be used as a substitute for severe allergic reactions in which case, seek immediate medical attention. On the small chance the wound does become infected, again, seek medical attention as antibiotics may be needed.

Bed Bug Feeding Habits

Over time, a person who is being fed on by bed hugs can develop visible bites or a rash like skin irritations. This irritation is caused by continuous feedings and like a mosquito, the saliva of bed bugs is what irritates the skin, not the blood loss.

When a bed bug feeds, it injects two needle like tubes into the skin. One of the bed bug needles injects it’s saliva containing anesthetics so the person feels nothing, as well as anticoagulants so the blood flows better. The other bed bug needle sucks the blood out for feeding.

When you are bitten by bed bugs, you may see raised red bumps, much like a mosquito bite but the bumps last longer but can itch just the same as a mosquito bite. Also, unlike a mosquito or flea bite, bed bug bites usually do not have a red dot in the center of the bite bump.

While mosquitoes will bite, get their fill and leave, bed bugs actually make several bites usually in a row. A row of bumps is a good indication of bed bugs. The row is formed typically because the bed bug was disturbed during feeding or is attempting to get a vein with several bites.

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