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Effective, eco friendly restaurant pest control services provided by MasterGuard Pest Control, rated 4.64/5 on Home Advisor! When you need it done, get it done right with MasterGuard pest prevention and removal

services. Same day and discreet appointment options available. Schedule your FREE first time pest inspection today. Call your local pest control branch at the number above or contact us here.

In And Out Before You know It

We know when it comes to business, the quicker ,the better which is why we kick things into higher gear when it comes to restaurant pest control. Our highly trained pest technicians will be in and our before you know it. Whether it’s a pest removal, pest inspection or a regular scheduled preventative pest control for your restaurant, we’ll be sure to do things right and right away guaranteed.

Customized Pest Control Plans

We’ll work with you directly to figure out a customized pest control plan designed specifically for your business property. After an initial pest inspection, our pest technicians will devise a step by step plan, if needed, to eradicate existing problems and prevent future problems from occurring. With a wide range of affordable pest control plans available, we’re sure we can find a restaurant pest control plan that works for you!


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Keep Your Staff Happy

While it’s not always apparent, your customers happiness is highly dependent on the happiness of your staff. As the lifeblood of your restaurant, your staff should be given a healthy and clean work environment. Let us help keep your work space and their work space clean and pest free with monthly preventative scheduling.

Keep Your Customers Happy

As important as your staff are, you can’t pay them when you don’t have customers. Schedule preventative pest control servicing and never worry about a pesky rodent or insect driving away your customer base again. With eco friendly pest control resources, we ensure the safest method of pest control is used when servicing your restaurant. We understand pest control and food don’t mix well, so we take extra care when it comes to restaurant pest control services around restaurant equipment and other areas. Ask us about our safety precautions to find out more! Call your local branch today.

Same Day Scheduling

Got a problem and need it fixed fast? We can make it happen! Give your local MasterGuard branch a call now and we’ll help  you out ASAP. Don’t wait for a small problem to snowball out of control. Whether it’s preventative restaurant pest control or preventative pest control in general, some pest control is better than no pest control! Schedule today. 

MasterGuard restaurant pest control services in Wisconsin and Michigan can result in a variety of benefits:

  • Happy Customers
  • Happy Staff
  • Improved Morale
  • Clean Establishment
  • Improved Look
  • Improved Service
  • Improved Performance
  • and more!

Commercial Pest Control

For top notch pest control for restaurants, contact your local MasterGuard Pest Control, Inc. at the number above!