Rat Exterminator

Rat problem? Let us help! MasterGuard’s pest technicians will find the source of your rat problem, remove it, and prevent them from coming back, all in one swift service. On a professional level, we’re not a fan of the term “rat exterminator” as it implies an inhumane connotation behind it and how we treat the rats and pests we handle. In our case, while we certainly remove any rats and pests we do find, we only use eco-friendly, humane methods that are just as, if not more than successful than other, less friendly methods to rid your home of pests.

Stage One: Rat Inspection

Even if you know you have rats, we’ll want to make sure of how bad the problem is. Unfortunately, with most pests, where there is one, there are likely more, so for us to ensure a complete job, we’ll need to make sure there isn’t a larger infestation at play. We’ll also seek out any potential nest where they might congregate to allow for easy trapping.

Lastly, we’ll do our best to identify any potential entry points where they may have gotten into your home in the first place and seal them if possible. If we can’t we can at least inform you so you can hire a third-party contractor to take care of the entry point(s).

Stage Two: Rat Removal

After the rat inspection has been completed, we can move on to the second stage of your rat exterminator service, rat removal. Generally the most time consuming and the most difficult stage, we’ll set out a multitude of various methods to trap any rats in your home so we can humanely remove them.

What makes this so difficult is that it can take time to capture each of them, but rest assured, we will capture them all. In the event that we’ve treated your house and a rat still shows its face, we’ll come back at no extra charge to complete the job, no questions asked.

Stage Three: Rat Prevention

Once we’ve removed your rat infestation, the third stage of your rat exterminator service can begin. Easily the most cost efficient stage of the service, rat prevention is key to preventing rats from coming back into your home.

We use eco-friendly pesticides targeted just at rats to prevent them from entering, but should they cross our treatment barrier, they won’t get far after they’ve absorbed the pesticide which ultimately incapacitates them for us to come and remove them. By this stage you should also have all of your entry points sealed off as well. While our treatments are extremely officiant, we can’t stop the entry of rats and other pests in areas we wouldn’t normally have access to that pest can easily find and fit through.

We highly recommend checking out our reviews on Angie’s List, Google, and other review platforms to get a better idea of just how much our customers love us and why you will too.

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