Professional Pest Control

MasterGuard Pest Control has over 50 years of combined experience servicing homes, business, farms, schools, apartments, grocery stores, basements, warehouses and many more properties of all shapes and sizes in both Wisconsin and now Michigan. We know each and every property we service is different from the next, our certified pest control technicians will create a specialized plan for your home, business, commercial property, etc. to ensure the right pest control solution for any pest problem you may be experiencing.

professional pest control
With our professional pest control services, we can help remove and prevent future issues with pests in and around your property, from warehouses and homes to schools and grocery stores, we’ll take care of your pest problem. Preventative pest control should be done periodically and regularly to keep insects, rodents, birds, or  reptiles away from your property. Pests will come in through many different ways, so we’ll do our best to stem the flow of as many entry ways as possible.

Keeping everyone safe and comfortable including you, your staff, and your customers is our top priority. Contact us and ask about our pest control service specials. Call your local MasterGuard Pest Control branch and receive your free first time pest inspection today! Unsure if you have pests in our around your your home or business? Give MasterGuard professional pest control services a call today and schedule a pest inspection. Your first pest inspection is free! If we don’t find anything, you don’t have to pay us a thing. If we do, we’ll tell you exactly how we can help and if you’d like, we can schedule you under one of our service packages and rid and prevent any unwanted pests. When we’re gone, so are the pests, guaranteed!

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