Preventing Pest Infestations On Any Property

Preventing pest infestations is much easier than most might think, however we have to warn that if you already have a pest infestation or the makings of one, calling the professionals is the number one solution and should be done as soon as possible. For those of you who don’t have a pest problem, it never hurts to have preventative pest control done by a professional every so often either. All that aside, scroll below for ways of preventing pest infestations that work on any property, home or business.

preventing pest infestations


blocking access with pest infestations
Block All Potential Access Points

Pests are notoriously good at finding access points to get into your property. Luckily there’s always a limited number of these access points, the hard part is finding them and keeping them blocked. Access points can be anything from a crack in the foundation to garage door.

residential pest inspection
Keep All Food Sealed And Put Away

A pest will do its best to find your food, however even minimal effort in sealing your food can prevent a major pest infestation. Refrigerators are generally safe, but any food in cabinets, drawers or on the counter is a risk factor and should be put away if possible.

preventing pest infestations with trash
Keep Trash Sealed And Away From Property

Trash attracts all kinds of pests. Take out any accumulated trash as often as possible and try to keep trash stores as far from the property as reasonable to reduce the odds of a pest incursion into your property. Keeping trash sealed will stem pests from being drawn. 

Preventing Pest Infestations All Year Long

Pest Prevention During Spring

During Spring, many pests are just beginning their short, annoying life cycles which means as time passes and we move into Summer, you can expect to see more and more pests encroaching on your property. If you haven’t taken preventative measures by this point, there’s a good chance you will already have pests on your property ready to start the infestation process as soon as they find a comfortable position to reproduce and multiply.

When the springtime starts, pests like box elders, spiders, and carpenter ants are out in mass. While not particularly drawn to your property without cause, these pests and many like them won’t hesitate to make your property their home. Secure your property along the outside and inside, focusing on high risk areas such as where trash is located, any shrubbery or trees near the property, doors, windows, foundation, etc. Taking the steps to prevent a pest infestation can save you a ton of time and money should a pest infestation actually occur, so start your prevention process now, it’s never too late!

Infestation Prevention During Summer

During the Summer months many pests that began their life cycle in earlier months are now fully grown and will be at your doorstep 24/7. Your preventative pest control methods should be holding out for you, even more so if professionally done. Pest traps will be mighty efficient during this period due to the increase in pest numbers. Placing traps both inside and outside can doubly ensure your property remains safe from a multitude of pests with a wide variety of trap types available based on the type of pest that’d plagueing your property.

In the Summer we usually find the issues are wasp, japanese beetle and ant related as their numbers tend to rise quickly while it’s warmest outside. While a DIY approach can impeade the flow of these pest types, it’s often safest to call the professionals for help for beehives, and easiest for ant nests. Without the proper methods, proper disposal and relocation of these pests is highly unlikely and the situation won’t be resolved.

Pest Control During Fall

As Fall gets closer, every pest under the sun will do it’s best to find warmth where possible, AKA your property! We recommend checking for any possible new cracks in the foundation, doorways, windows, etc. as everything goes from being warm to cold. Checking for any openings is crucial because if it is open, they will get through it.

At MasterGuard, we include a free pest inspection to help identify where these openings are located in your home, block the opening and create an anti-pest shield to fully ensure your home remains pest free in the coming months. Call your local branch today at the number(s) above and below today and never worry about a pest in your home or business again!

Pest Removal During Winter

The Winter is when most people think their property is safest from outside pests, and while true, the threat of pests now comes from the inside. Any pest that was able to make its way into your property in the previous weeks is now doing its best to find a spot to survive and ultimately reproduce, beginning the pest infestation process.

If you are experiencing an infestation, we highly recommend using a professional pest control company to take care the problem. Effectively removing pests during an infestation is very important to prevent a secondary infestation from occuring down the line. Removing and preventing now nearly guarantees you are protected during the Spring, Summer and Fall and you can be safe from the never ending pest cycle.

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