Why Choose MasterGuard For Professional Pest Control

When it comes to professional pest control, we want the MasterGuard name to be the first that comes to mind and while we think our customer reviews speak for themselves, allow us to reiterate a bit to really hammer down why choose MasterGuard for professional pest control for your home. It’s our belief that the quality of service we offer, the quality of the equipment we use and the level of training our technicians have is what sets us above the rest and allows us to give you your money’s worth when trusting us to get you on the road to pest freedom.

The Quality Of Service

We offer everything from pest inspection, pest removal, and pest prevention. With each service we offer, we give 110% to ensure we get the job right the first time reducing the hassle for everyone involved. After all, we don’t want to waste your time and we don’t want to waste ours either!

For our pest inspections, we’ll check the common entry points but also the not so common ones in hard to reach areas as well. For our pest removal, not only will we stop the problem in its tracks, we’ll actually physically remove any remnants from the property as well. And for our pest prevention, like our pest inspections, we’ll cover common entry points with our protective pest barrier, but we’ll also hit those not so common, hard to reach places too.

We also offer a service guarantee where if there should be any need for us to come out again after a recent treatment, we’ll come right back out at no extra cost to you. We think our reviews speak for themselves from our happy customers!

The Quality Of Our Equipment

We know our service is only as good as the people we employ, as well as the equipment we give those people to use. It’s because of this that we routinely invest in and maintain our high quality, top of the line tools of the trade that we need to properly give you the pest treatments you deserve. By investing in the proper equipment, we’re able to complete our services faster, taking up less of your time, while also more efficiently treating your home, allowing us to offer better pricing to you in the long run. A win win. 

All of our equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each use whether it’s our protective gear or the tools we use. We’re also more than happy to explain what each piece of our equipment does and how it’s used for each treatment should you have any questions, so please don’t hesitate to ask your MasterGuard pest technician before or after they’ve treated your home.

The Level Of Training Of MasterGuard Pest Technicians

As we’ve said, our service is as only as good as the people we employ, but how we train them to combat the various pest problems they’ll encounter is just as important to ensuring the job gets done and done well.

MasterGuard Pest Control training covers dozens of hours in bringing our pest technicians up to speed on everything from knowing how to use and clean both the protective gear and dispersion tools we routinely use, how to properly identify a pest from visual cues alone, where to look for pests based on property design layouts, how to remove found pests when both alive and already deceased and how to prevent future pest infestations for the 15+ pests we service against with our Wisconsin pest control services.

And just like you, all of our pest technicians live right here in Wisconsin, meaning they’re very familiar in dealing with the same exact pests most Wisconsin home owners find themselves dealing with each season already. However should you happen to find yourself dealing with a pest that you don’t see listed within our pest library, or you’re unsure we service your area, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help if we can or point you in the right direction if we can’t!

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