Why Are There Fruit Flies In My Home?

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Fruit Flies tend to be drawn to damp areas. As their name states, they like to feed on fruits and vegetables, as well as other moist or fermenting foods. As well as feeding, fruit flies prefer to lay their eggs on these surfaces so that their larvae can feed on the organic substances. When Fruit Flies are breeding, they lay up to 500 eggs at a time, and they take about one week for their life cycle to conclude. Fruit Flies are most prominent during summer months when food is abundant, but if an infestation is out of hand, they can become problematic year-round.

Where Can I Find Fruit Flies In My Home?

Fruit Flies infest any place where there is a viable food source. Fruit Flies move anywhere where they can sense a source of food, whether in a kitchen, bathroom, basement, or bedroom. Overripe fruits or any substance that is fermenting can draw the attention of fruit flies as they are looking to feed and reproduce. If you have any old or decomposing fruits, dirty drains, or unattended spills, you could be at risk for a fruit fly infestation.

Information On Fruit Flies

A fruit fly’s life span is about a month and a half. Like most insects, fruit flies must mate to reproduce. Once fruit flies mate, females will lay eggs that will produce immature fruit flies called larvae. Larvae need to feed on organic matter to mature (fruits, vegetables, fermented substances) to gather energy to enter the next stage of their life, called the “pupae” stage. The pupae stage lasts about one week, and once they are done absorbing energy from their food source, they will emerge as an adult fruit fly that has wings and six legs. These fruit flies will then naturally be drawn to the organic substance that fed them and the first place and will mate once again, starting their life cycle over again.

How Can I Get Rid Of Fruit Flies?

The best way to avoid fruit flies is to practice preventative measures. The number one way to prevent fruit flies is to reduce their source of food. Ways to do this include disposing of old foods (primarily produce), clean your drains regularly, and wiping up drink spills. It is recommended to practice these preventative measures since these flies spread disease-causing bacteria that can be seriously harmful to humans.

If all preventative measures are unsuccessful, you can always reach out to one of our professionals at MasterGuard, and they can help eliminate your pest problem.