What Attracts Pests To My Home? – It’s A Treasure Trove For Them!

You’ve done everything a homeowner should do to prevent pests. You’ve kept your house clean, taken out the trash regularly and keep it outside of the home, left no dirty dishes by the sink, etc. but those darn pests just keep coming back leaving you asking yourself what attracts pests to my home? It’s a good question by all accounts, and one with multiple answers at that! We’ll cover the most likely reasons below in hopes of broadening your understanding why pest control is a constant battle that will never end much to the dismay of all property owners.

You’re In Their World

If you read our previous post about the history of pest control, you may have seen our bit that pests have been around since the beginning of time. They’ve had millions of years more than us to evolve and adapt to life on Earth, finding their perfect habitats to live in. And that’s the first answer to why pests are attracted to your home – it wasn’t your home first!

We have to remember that while humans are the dominant life form on this planet, we share being here with thousands and thousands of other species, insects and other pests unfortunately comprising many of them. And as we noted, they were hear much earlier than any of us were before we started expanding into their “territory” to make it our own. In a pests mind, they’re just doing what they naturally do in what they believe to be their territory, right where we’ve put our homes.

While realistically there isn’t really anywhere we can build without running into pests of some kind, it’s because we put our homes in these places that pests naturally investigate. After all, I’m sure you would do a little investigation too if you if you saw air conditioned shelter and food you thought was free and didn’t know any better!

The Problem Lies Unseen

If you’ve run through the list of possible solutions to try and DIY what attracts pests to your home with no luck, your problem may run deeper than previously thought. Cracks in the foundation, leaks in plumbing and insulation inconsistencies are just a few issues that can be next to impossible to see without proper inspection, (a service we offer for free to first time customers). Although we’re able to assist in finding pest problems originating from the issues described above, we cannot seal foundation cracks or fix plumbing issues where pests might enter; we can however treat these areas, albeit likely multiple times to completely prevent pests from entering from these areas.

You Haven’t Done Enough To Prevent Them!

We know pest control can seem like a dauting task. It’s repetitive, time consuming and sometimes costly. It is however, a task the all property owners should want to do if they want to save themselves the headache of dealing with any type of infestation or pest presence. Not to mention being pest free is a plus for your property value. Not only will you net more on your investment, not having to pay for pest removal services in the first place will save you a hefty amount as well!

When you’re dealing with a pest problem, we recommend doing your utmost to handle the problem yourself first before calling us when possible. We would obviously love to help and would of course should you call us one way or the other, but some pest problems can be diminished with simple do it yourself pest control over the course of a few days. Give it a shot and if it works, keep it up in other areas of your house perhaps to really drive away your pest problems and prevent them from coming back a bit longer than normal!

As we said, if you find yourself in need of our services at any point, we’re ready to help! Just call your local MasterGuard branch with the call button above or below and we’ll be there to take your call and send out a pest technician right away.

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