What Are These Small Brown Bugs In My House?

Insects play a vital role in all ecosystems throughout the planet. Unfortunately, some insects can make their way into your home and can cause damage to your belongings, your mental well being, and sometimes your body. Thankfully, there are ways to get rid of these nuisances so that you can continue throughout your day without a second thought.


Stinkbugs typically live and reproduce outdoors, but like most living beings, when it gets to the colder seasons, they will want to find shelter to stay warm and hibernate. If you see these “shield-shaped” bugs in your home, avoid stepping on them as they will live up to their reputation, creating a foul, pungent odor that attracts more Stinkbugs.

If you encounter Stinkbugs in your home, the best way to get rid of them is to vacuum them and dispose of the vacuum bag’s contents at a safe distance from your home. To prevent stinkbugs from entering your home, seal all cracks from the outside of your home & ensure to clean your home regularly.

Fruit Flies 

Fruit Flies feed on organic materials, such as fruits and vegetables. Fruit Fly infestations can get out of hand very quickly, due to their ability to multiply so quickly. Fruit Fly larvae hatch after about 24 hours, meaning that they can reproduce rapidly.

Thankfully, some great DIY remedies can significantly reduce the number of fruit flies and even eliminate them. If you feel that you are unable to get rid of them on your own, you can always contact a professional for assistance.


These insects are one of the biggest irritations to homes due to their tendencies to bite humans, their durability, and their ability to hide in hard to reach areas. These critters, known as the “hitchhikers” of the insect world, latch on to clothes and luggage, and a number of them can make their way into your home.

If you have been in hotels, other homes, or deeply wooded areas and notice itchy bites on your skin, it is best to deal with these pests as soon as possible. The best way to eliminate these intruders is to contact a professional, as they are aware of these bugs’ tendencies and hiding spots.


The best way to keep your home free of ants is to practice routine cleaning. Ants will feed on just about any type of food, such as spilled beverages or crumbs from a recent snack. The ants that you will see are “worker” ants, and their purpose is to get food for the queen who resides in the central nest so that she can continue creating more workers to grow the colony.

If you suspect an infestation, it is best to find the root of where the worker ants are coming from. Eliminating the workers will not rid your home of these insects, but will prolong the colony’s existence as long as the queen is still alive, so it is best to follow the trail of workers so that you can locate the nest where the queen lives and treat accordingly. Generally speaking, ants are the most common answer to “what are these small brown bugs in my house?”


If you have pets in your life, you are more likely to have fleas in your home. Fleas do not typically feed on humans, but they can bite humans, which will leave small red bumps usually in clusters. The best way to avoid sharing your home with fleas is to practice preventative measures. This means that you should keep your pets up to date on their anti-flea medications, groom them monthly, and practice regular cleaning.

Fleas need to have a “host” to survive, meaning that they attach themselves onto your animal’s fur so that they are able to feed off them. A way to realize that you have fleas on your pets is to monitor your behavior, if you notice your furry friend biting or scratching at their skin (typically in folds on their body where they are warmest), it is best to groom them and examine the removed fur to inspect for fleas. These insects will look like oblong brown specks in their fur.