Preventing Cockroaches In Your Home – Public Enemy Numero Uno

The number one bug you can guarantee everyone doesn’t want in their home are cockroaches, plain and simple! As we approach the late spring and early summer, that means more warm days than cold, and that’s the prime time for cockroaches to start making an appearance. Besides the fact they are disease carriers, the worst part about them is if you see one, that means you could have a major problem on your hands that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

So what can you do to prevent this horror show in your house? Turns out some simple steps, when done consistently and immediately, can keep your home roach-free – and without the need for spraying! In fact, spraying after an infestation is increasingly harder and harder to do against cockroaches; that’s according to a scientific report from “”, which says the German cockroach (a common variety found in American homes) continues to develop immunities to man-made pesticides after evolving to eventually tolerate the chemicals meant to destroy them. Plus, when misused, some store-bought products can even be useless.

Behind Enemy Lines

Cockroach infestations always start behind your back, i.e.: in hidden places, corners and crevices throughout your residence. The Illinois Department of Public Health Prevention & Control (IDPH) says roaches are looking for the perfect set of factors to make a good gross home within your home. They like warm, moist dark shelters that are really close to food. Once they find a foothold into your home, often near natural surfaces such as wood and cardboard, they take a combination of elements to get rid of entirely. That’s why it’s best to take preventative measures early to stop any potential pest hot spots in your home.

Once you know what areas to keep an eye on, the first and best way to stop them in their tracks is to keep a clean and tight ship. The “Mother Nature Network” says a clean home is the best and most natural deterrent for keeping the cockroaches away. They say that food crumbs and grease are tantalizing to the cockroach senses, and will lead them right to your doorstep. It shouldn’t be spring cleaning that keeps everything neat and tidy inside: it should be the threat of an uninvited cockroach family vacation!

If you really want to lessen the odds to next-to-nothing, Mother Nature Network says “[wiping] down the counters each night, never leaving dirty dishes in the sink, making sure the stovetop is clean and sweeping the floors” can only help you in your neverending post-winter quest to prevent a cockroach infestation.

General Cockroach Pest Tips

Preventing cockroaches in your home is pretty easy when you’re the one doing the dirty work to prevent them, but did you know many cockroach infestations start due to someone else’s lack of cockroach and pest prevention good? The next time (and every other time) you bring something into your house that you bought online, picked up from storage, or the store, take an extra look in the box. Many cockroaches will unknowingly hitch rides into new locations within boxes and packaging that are moved from location to location without the movers knowledge. And when it comes to cardboard boxes, cockroaches are known to house themselves within the inner walls of cardboard due to the moisture content that can easily build up in cardboard, so if you’re thinking about storing those cardboard boxes of yours, either don’t at all or keep them somewhere dry!

Fun Fact: Cockroaches Don’t Knock

Roaches have no need for doors in order to waltz right in and start setting up camp inside a home. They’re small enough to squeeze through cracks and holes in the walls, making it annoying to try to completely stop them from coming inside. Taking time to check hot-spots in your house for anything in the walls or near the ground that can be an open cockroach highway and caulking them up right away is key in keeping your home pest-free. It’s also important to check for these potential gateways outside the home, especially if you have trees or bushes near windows and doors.

Since they love moisture, it’s also important to address any water pipe leaks or wet messes to keep them from having that important food source and a fun neighborhood pool to enjoy. These steps are especially important for those who live in apartments or duplexes. The IDPH says those who live in shared wall spaces should be extra vigilant to stop one roach infestation from spreading to everyone in the building because roaches typically move through those walls.

Cockroach control doesn’t require expensive and potentially hazardous store bought sprays – it’s mostly just keeping a clean and sealed home to stop them in their tracks. If you find yourself the victim of a heavy cockroach infestation, it’s best to contact the professionals over using at-home products by yourself to succeed at preventing cockroaches in your home.

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