What Pest Problems To Look For When Buying A Home

Most people in the market to buy a home search for common wear and tear on a house like structural integrity, water damage, etc. However, what these same buyers do not often look for are signs of pest problems, for as common of an issue as it is! Knowing signs of common pests can help to save you from buying the wrong home and even hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repairs in the future. Fortunately, MasterGuard Pest Control is well aware of signs that can help avoid these problems so here is a list to help with the most common and easiest to spot pest problems to look for when buying a home.

Signs Of Ants And Carpenter Ants

If you happen to find live or dead ants, don’t shrug them off as one offs. Know that ant scouts are essentially the number one indicator that a home may have an ant problem. Ants are one of the most recognizable pests on the planet for good reason as they are very common throughout. They are a dark brown color, black or red and have three distinguishable sections of their body. Carpenter Ants have a similar look, but are much larger to compensate for their lifestyle and are usually only black in color. 

Other indicators such as mounds that may appear in the yard, or even on the exterior or interior of a home are clear signs that the home has a pest problem. Many ant mounds house hundreds of ants if not thousands. Gaps as little as 1 millimeter can and will be used by ants and any other tiny bugs to get into a home. Sometimes when it’s impossible to reach a location physically, MasterGuard is still able to put a defensive barrier up preventing further intrusion with our prevention pest control services here.

Water damage can cause wooden structures to be softened and carpenter ants are known to be attracted to these areas as the wood is easier to break down and nest within. Carpenter ants are known to be found destroying decking, structural supports and the siding of homes and other structures. When they burrow into wooden structures, they will often leave behind a sawdust-like material which acts as a good indicator of their presence.

Signs of Termites

Termites will typically cause damage to the exterior of structures before entering into it entirely similar to carpenter ants. Make sure to closely inspect wooden structures such as siding, decks, sheds, and even trees surrounding the home for signs of termites. According to Realtor.com,  “Americans pay 5 billion dollars a year in termite damages.”

Hollow sounding wood or damaged wood is another sign that your home could have a termite problem. This can be detected by giving the suspected infested wood a “knock” and listening for a hollow response opposed to a solid thud.

Termites enter homes through the use of mud tubes that can be found at the foundation of your home, within crawl spaces, gardens, along trees and most other wood. MasterGuard Pest Control can detect these at first glance, if you suspect that your home has a termite issue, contact one of our technicians right away.

Quick Indicators Of Mice And Rats

Mice and rats are generally easy to spot themselves due to their size and the fact that they leave behind noticeable droppings that are pellet sized and larger than most insect pests.

Like other pests though, the’ll likely be found along baseboards, within the walls, and the in the attic and basement. Look for gnawed wiring wherever exposed and any cracks and holes within the exterior and interior of the home large enough for a mice and rat to fit into. For reference, most mice can fit into holes as small as a nickel! In storage areas, look for boxes, insulation and furniture that may be gnawed on or housing pests in general.

Now you know what pest problems to look for when buying a home and if you find any signs of these problems when buying a new home, it is recommended to contact MasterGuard Pest Control as soon as you can for a free inspection of your new home. Our professionals are trained to recognize many of these pest indicators at first glance. If one of our professionals note that the property has an infestation, they can provide you with preventative methods to ensure you do not ever have to deal with them yourself again.