Pest Control In Regards To Coronavirus – Unfortunately For Us, Pests Don’t Get It

Earlier we posted about pest control in 2020 and how every year the pest control industry is thrown new challenges, and as we’re all well aware by now, the Coronavirus or COVID-19 is one heck of a new challenge that we’re all dealing with. For as unfortunate as it is, pests and the need to contain and prevent them hasn’t changed however. Ants will still be scouring your home for food. Bees will still be making nests on your property. And termites will still be devouring defenseless trees and structures. All this is to say, MasterGuard is still here to help with a conscious mind for both the health of our employees and our customers, so we’re here to address some general concerns as well as provide some DIY tips to help you get through these difficult times and pull through.

Keeping You And Ourselves Safe

First and foremost, we want to address how we’re keep you, our amazing customers, as well as our own employees safe from spreading the Coronavirus.

To begin, know that the government has deemed pest control to be an essential service industry, meaning short of anyone showing signs of illness of any kind, we will not be closing our services. As such, if you are experiencing a pest issue, or use our reoccuring preventative services, we are still here to help.

All of our service technicians are already trained in the sanitation of their gear after every job they complete, only now we’re being even more diligent in our cleaning routines to disinfect against the Coronavirus. This goes for our vehicles as well. Even so, we’re being extra cautious, especially in cases where interior treatments are necessary, and in cases where the elderly are involved as both are being handled on a case to case basis. While we believe our safety precautions will prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, should we somehow have been in contact with it, our service technicians make use of both masks and respirators to protect themselves during our treatment, which act as both a preventative measure from receiving and potentially spreading any germs orally during treatment, in addition to being covered by gloves, eye protection and protective suit.

All of this is to say, in protecting ourselves, we’re protecting you as well through best practice sanitation methods available to us. With that said, we completely understand if you’d prefer to opt out entirely from home visits during this time and will be ready to help when all of this blows over, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Did You Know?

Insects and many other pests known for transmitting disease have not been confirmed to carry the Coronavirus. Currently the only way to contract COVID-19 is through the virus entering via bacteria in the air and on surfaces. This may change in the future depending on how the virus changes, but for now, focus on executing proper hygiene, social distancing and self isolation and quarantine to remain healthy and unaffected by the Coronavirus.

DIY Home Pest Control

For those who aren’t comfortable having one of our pest control service technicians coming out with the Coronavirus pandemic going on, we have a few tips you can use to temporarily control and prevent any pests that may be on your property already. If you already have a brand name pest spray, there’s no better time like the present to use it. For those who don’t have a pest spray, you can make your own by mixing mashed garlic, cayenne pepper and water into a spray bottle. Note this won’t be as potent and it can be quite messy, but it’ll deter pests temporarily till a professional can come out.

Spray window seams, baseboards, crawl spaces, attics, foundation cracks, vents, doorways, siding, drains and even your garbage and recycling cans.

Next, take a look at any trees and shrubbery close to your home. Trees can act as a bridge for pests to climb onto your roof making their way down your chimney and vents and both the roots of trees and shrubs are notorious for cracking the foundation of homes. These cracks are the perfect entry point for both water and pests.

 If you have pets, we also recommend checking their toys and for any other objects they come into contact with, including themselves, after they’ve been outside. Insects commonly hitch rides on unsuspecting victims, and pets are no exception. Check your pets ears, arm pits and groin area for ticks, ants, fleas and any other tiny insects.

From Our Family To Your Family

Stay safe out there. Wash your hands, maintain safe distancing, don’t lean on anything out in public, immediately change and wash clothes if you do go out in public and most of all, watch out for any symptoms so you can properly handle any illness and prevent it from spreading. We’re all in this together and together we can make it through it!

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