Pest Control In 2020 – Beating Hindsight With MasterGuard

Every year we find the pest control service industry changes ever so slightly in a variety of ways from the equipment we use, the techniques we use, and the products we use to how pests enter homes, how they react to our techniques and products and especially how they react to the weather. Like most life on Earth, pests and their activities are very dependent on the weather, affecting both their movement and their ability to reproduce. When simply put, the warmer the weather, the greater the amount of pests and given the relatively mild Winter, we’re expecting quite the pest count! MasterGuard however is on the job with up to date equipment, training and know how to take on 2020 by the antennae and show these new pests that your home is yours alone! 

How Recent Weather Predicts Pest Issues

You may already know that with many animals, there are those that hibernate to ride out cold weather and those that fly south to warmer weather, but there are also those that stay put while seeking out warmer shelter. Unfortunately for people, that warmer shelter is usually our homes, ripe with an ideal environment, food and water for all of their needs. Now pests that have entered a home, don’t usually leave, even in warmer weather, after all, why would they? Pests already outside however are having a heck of a time given how much of a roller coaster ride the weather has been in 2020 so far. We’ve experienced feet of snow, then rain, then warmth, then snow again then warmth again and even tornadoes more recently all during Winter alone when it should primarily be cold and snowy weather. However since the winter has been more mild, pests are coming back sporadically, and early than usual.

This means these pests are reproducing in a harsher environment, making them slightly more resilient but also allowing them to multiply exponentially faster than usual for this time of year due to their early arrival.

As we start seeing milder winters and harsher summers, we’ll see more and more pest activity because there won’t be much in the way of stopping their movements and ability to reproduce. This is why pest control in 2020 and beyond will be extremely important to keep up with. Remember that routine prevention pest prevention is always 1000% cheaper than pest removal services. Whether you use MasterGuard Pest Control in 2020 or another pest control service, you’re setting yourself up for less headaches and more savings!

Did You Know?

Almost 1/3 of America has a pest issue right at this moment. Whether it’s a mice problem, an ant problem, or a cockroach problem. Termites alone cost about 5 billion in damages worldwide, so you imagine how much more expensive those damages amount to when combined with damages caused by all pests. With many pest problems starting in Winter now, and then Spring, pest prevention can never begin too early so you and your home remain pest free all year long with little to no effort to maintain that pest freedom.

What To Look For Around The House

You’ve probably seen signs of pests everywhere in your home without realizing it. The common ceiling for instance, is likely to have cobwebs in a corner or two, or perhaps insect carcasses tucked along baseboards and maybe even silverfish that have been creeping along a wall without notice. The point here being that if you look hard enough, you’ll probably find some pest problems you didn’t realize you had!

Knowing where to look comes from experience, after all, each home is different and where one pest might nest in one home is no guarantee it will it another, so checking everywhere first and foremost is the best thing to be done. While this may seem like a cop out on where to actually look, we swear it isn’t and we’ll still suggest a few spots shortly!

Consider where you are storing items that pests may nest in like bins and boxes and if they’re sealed. Some pests will eat stored paper or even clothes! This of course goes for food storage as well. You never know what a pest might get into!

Common places pests like to enter are doorways, windows, drains, vents, foundation cracks and houseplants. Check for seals on any entryway or window sill. Make sure your drains are plugged when not in use for extended periods of time. Most ventilation systems are closed or filtered to protect against pest infestations however they can still happen so check occassionally! Foundation cracks are always harder to spot, but important to fix both because of pests but also drainage and leakage! Lastly houseplants can carry plants and eggs in the dirt without your knowledge. We recommend covering the top layer with rocks or pebbles to stiffen any eggs from hatching. You can also use a soap and water mixed to spray the top layer of potted plants in the home to dehydrate the pests that live in the dirt!

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