How To Remove A Tick

Removing a tick is a situation most people hear about happening to other people, but that doesn’t change the importance of knowing how to remove a tick should you ever need to do it for yourself or someone else. It’s important to note that removing a tick properly is crucial to preventing further effects from a tick bite. Tick bites are one of the leading causes for Lyme disease, but their bites can inflict various illnesses as well, all of which can be treated successfully if caught in early stages with antibiotics.

When removing a tick that’s currently biting down, we highly recommend you grab a pair of tweezers if you have them. Grip along the ticks bottom to as close as possible to its head and your skin just enough to gently pull it off without damaging the tick. If you can store the tick in a sealed container of any kind, do so, as if you start to develop any of the above illnesses, you can provide the tick that bit to better diagnose what’s effecting you.


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Leave It And Clean It

Should you find that some of the tick has remained embedded deeper in your skin, leave it alone and your body will naturally push out the foreign parts. After removing what you can, make sure you gently clean the area with soap and water or medical rubbing alcohol to disinfect.

Preventing Tick Bites

Knowing how to prevent tick bites is also an important bit of knowledge to have to avoid all of the above issues altogether. First and foremost, just don’t go where ticks tend to hang about like forested areas with heavy shrubbery or tall grass to walk through. Ticks will attach to their prey by readying themselves on the very tips of vegetation, waiting for any larger animal to brush against them to grab onto. Wearing long sleeve shirts and tucking your pants into your socks as ticks can’t easily bite through clothing.

You can also double down with bug spray containing DEET by spraying your clothes and exposed skin. Lastly if you know you’ll be going through tick territory, it’s important to check yourself all over your entire body as quickly as you can once you’re through. Ticks are extremely tiny insects and can be very difficult to spot so we recommend having a second set of eyes scan as well if at all possible. It may be awkward, but it’s better than long lasting aches and pains associated with tick bites.

Tick Bite Symptoms

Tick bite symptoms should be pretty clear as will the bite area as it will be swollen and sore. Symptoms include headaches, joint pains, nausea, and fevers, all of which can be easily treated, however if left unchecked, tick bites can result in long lasting inflammation, neurological issues and digestive problems for quite some time.

Don’t Play With Fire!

We do not recommend using a lighter to burn off a tick that’s dug in. The idea of removing a tick is to get the tick off of you as quickly as possible to minimize exposure to any bacteria ticks can spread.


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