Easy And Natural Ways To Prevent Mosquitos

When the weather starts warming up, naturally we want to spend more time outdoors enjoying the sun, the breeze, the trees and all the activities you can only do outside. Unfortunately, as you probably know and is why you’re here, mosquitos can plague our enjoyment outside with their annoying bites and consequently the itches they cause.  We’ve put together some quick and easy natural ways to help improve your time outdoors.

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Plant, Plant, Plant!

Simply sprucing up the place with plants known to naturally drive away mosquitoes is a great way to spend time outdoors while also making the yard look nicer to boot. Head down to your nearest gardening supply store and look for plants like Catnip and Lavender, Marigolds and Horsemint, Peppermint and Lemongrass, Rosemary and even Basil. All pleasing to the eye and the nose! Note citronella plants which are commonly marketed as a mosquito repellent plant only repels with the oils in crushed up citronella leaves. Simply planting even a dozen around wont drive away mosquitoes like those listed above.

Remove Standing Water ASAP

Summer months can bring heavy rainfalls and if there’s one thing mosquitos love, it’s high humidity! Regardless of if it’s rained recently or not, mosquitos will always gravitate toward places of high moisture in the air from the largest of lakes to the smallest of puddles, it’s why we recommended keeping your grass short above. Removing standing water wherever…standing, is a great way to negate the local mosquito population a place to breed. It also prevents any reason for them to stick around if they can’t thrive there.

This goes for standing water in plant pots too. The smallest bit can house mosquito eggs so wherever you see it, drain it! If you own a pool of any kind, we suggest keeping it chlorinated routinely to prevent it from becoming a large breeding ground as well.

Use A Mosquito Magnet!

A more costly approach that’s been becoming more and more accessible throughout the years is using a mosquito magnet that slowly burns and disperses gas to attract mosquitos to the device which then sucks them in with a small fan, trapping them. Placed farther out into the yard, mosquito magnets draw them away from you entirely and is a great way to control the mosquito population over time.

Similarly don’t bother with high frequency emitting devices that claim to repel mosquitos. In most cases they do not work well and have been shown to give headaches to a number of those exposed to them. If worse comes to worse, fallback on usual methods like bug spray with DEET or natural ingredients, as well as wearing clothing that covers your skin and can possibly be tucked into each other.

prevent swarms of mosquitos

Our Mosquito Control Services

Of course if all else fails you or you’d prefer the professionals get the job done, there’s always hiring a professional service like MasterGuard Pest Control to come out and drive away the local mosquito population with proven, eco-friendly pest control methods. Find out more info here and contact us directly today for a free pest inspection!

With recent developments in the mosquito population for causing brain swelling by just their bites alone, whether you use any of our tips or services or not, please protect yourself in whatever way suits you.

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