5 Signs You May Have A Rodent Problem

Droppings – Like all animals, rodents leave droppings once they have digested their food. This is a rodent problem you do not want handle. You may be able to recognize droppings around packaged food, drawers, cupboards, and under the sink. Varying sizes in droppings can indicate that you have juvenile and adult rodents on your property, which is an indication of a larger rodent problem.

Smell – Rodents typically have a strong musky smell that accompanies them whenever they infest a property. Aside from their body odor, rodents will also urinate freely throughout your property. If you happen to notice any musky smells, or the scent of urine, this may be enough cause to call our specialty team to deal with these rodents.

5 Signs You May Have A Rodent Problem Rats

Chewed Materials – Rodents form nests to create a safe area to produce offspring. If you have a rodent infestation, you may be able to see shredded materials such as; papers, fabrics, wires, and even your walls. Rodents have teeth that are constantly growing, and in order to maintain these teeth, rodents will chew on anything and everything, they will then use the chewed material to create their nests.

Sounds – Since rodents are always chewing and moving around trying to find food or nesting materials in your residence, you will typically hear them. When rodents are active, you will hear scampering and scratching, often during the night time.

5 Signs You May Have a Rodent Problem Scratching Sound

Abnormal Pet Behavior – Your pets have a very acute sense of smell and hearing. If you notice your furry friend is on edge, barking, or begins to paw underneath furniture, you should follow their lead and inspect the area to ensure that your property does not have a rodent infestation.

If you believe you have rodents on your property, make sure to look out for the above indicators. If you need any help finding and eliminating these annoying rodents, you can always reach out to our certified team!

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