5 DIY Pest Control Myths Debunked

Inaccurate DIY Pest Control Myths

Do-it-yourself (DIY) pest control strategies are growing in popularity, as there are many products available that appear to make the process of eliminating a minor infestation entirely manageable for the average homeowner. Yet, some of the most widespread theories about DIY pest control go a little bit too far. These are some common misconceptions about DIY pest control.

Pests Only Invade Dirty Homes

Some people are quick to assume that a clean home cannot be intruded by nasty pests, like rats and roaches. Yet, the cleanliness of a home is only a single factor that contributes to attracting pests. Many pests, bugs especially, are stealthy little hitchhikers that will climb onto your clothing, into your luggage, or onto any other items that you will eventually bring into your home.

While they may not be invading your home purposefully at this point, the fact of the matter is that they’ve now made it inside. Whether your home is dirty or not, this could mean the start of a problematic infestation.


Cats Will Prevent A Rodent Infestation

Cats are excellent hunters when motivated. But a cat or two won’t be enough to keep a growing rodent population in check. Mice and other rodents are often quite intelligent, meaning they won’t go down as easily as you’d think. They are also very mobile and can reach areas of your home that are off-limits to your cats.

Sure it would be nice if your cat was going on Tom and Jerry-esque escapades around your home, chasing the mice wherever they go, but that isn’t realistic. Rodents may even endanger your cats, as a bite could easily injure them or make them sick in some cases. Well-fed cats only hunt mice for fun; if you want the job done right, call a professional pest control service.


Your Homeowners Insurance Will Cover Damages

Many people assume that their homeowner’s insurance will cover damage done to their home by pests because, well, why wouldn’t it? But the fact of the matter is that many standard homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover damage to the interior of your home caused by small animals, like rodents and insects.

These animals can cause extensive damage, and you may be on the hook for the bill if your policy doesn’t explicitly state that such damage is covered. Before the damage gets out of hand, get a professional assessment from your local pest control service. 

I Have Bed Bugs, I Need New A Bed And Furniture

Over time, it has become incredibly common for people to assume that you can solve bed bug infestations by throwing out (or burning) your old mattress and buying a new one. A large collection of bed bugs may be nesting on the surface of your mattress, but replacing it isn’t your only solution.

In many cases, it may not be your best solution either, as bed bugs frequently reside in places other than your mattress. So once you buy a new mattress, the bed bugs left behind will just populate that one too. Rather than replacing your mattress, hire a pest control service to treat the problem area using heat or pesticides. Doing otherwise may spread bed bugs throughout your house, causing an even larger issue. 


DIY Is More Effective Than Professional Pest Control

While those sprays, baits, traps, and other treatments may seem like an easy alternative to calling a pest control service, you also have to think about what you are giving up by doing the job yourself. It may cost less to implement a DIY strategy using these products, but if it doesn’t work, what’s the point?

As with any profession, the more experienced and knowledgeable you are, the more capable you are to complete the task at hand. Pest control professionals have the skill set necessary to identify, assess, and eliminate pest problems without fail. While you may be able to remedy small infestations on your own, in doing so, you risk making mistakes that could create worse issues in the long run. Rather than prolonging the problem, it makes more sense to call a pest control service as soon as you notice the early warning signs of an infestation.

While it is possible to limit infestations’ growth without using a pest control service, doing so can have consequences. If you prefer to get the job done right the first time, invest in a professional pest control service. MasterGuard Pest Control in Wisconsin is a full-service pest control company with the skill and training needed to clear your home of any bothersome pests. To schedule an inspection, just fill out the contact form located at the bottom of this page.


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