Pest Removal Services

Consider MasterGuard your every day, all day bug zapper!

Never worry about dealing with pests yourself again. If you have a pest problem or suspect you do, MasterGuard is ready to provide professional pest removal services 24/7 all year long no matter the weather.

Simply contact fill out your pest details below and a MasterGuard representative will contact you right away to schedule your pest removal services with a trained pest removalist. Pests today, gone tomorrow!


Residential Pest Removal for Homes

Pests in the home are often an unseen threat until it’s too late despite leaving plenty of evidence as they thrive. This evidence however can be used against these invading pests, telling us exactly what they are, where they live and what methods we’ll need to use to remove their presence. Once our initial pest inspection reveals any potential problems, your assigned MasterGuard pest technician will go to work to remove the existing pest threat, in addition to employing methods to prevent further infestations from taking root inside or out.

Commercial Pest Removal for Business

Nothing is worse than a pest problem impacting your bottom line. Your trained MasterGuard pest technician will develop a non-invasive plan of attack for your property to ensure minimal disturbance to your customers and/or employees, using eco-friendly methods to keep your properties occupants safe. Your assigned MasterGuard pest technician will check inside and out to cover every potential entry point possible for a pest to gain access.

Serving Wisconsin & Michigan For Over 25 Years

At MasterGuard, we’re in it for the customers satisfaction. No job is complete until we’re absolutely sure your pest problem is non-existent & we’ll have you covered 24/7 -365.

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