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Providing professional and effective pest control services such as inspection, removal and prevention to home and business all year long.

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Residential Pest Control

Whether your home is already infested with pests or you just want to prevent them, MasterGuard is ready to help at a moments notice. New to MasterGuard? Click here or the button below to fill out our form here and we’ll be in touch shortly!

Commercial Pest Control

Keep workplace distractions to a minimum, pest problems included with MasterGuard services ready and waiting. New to MasterGuard? Click here or the button below to fill out our form here and we’ll be in touch shortly!

Common Pest Control Statistics

We do our absolute best to fight these statistics as Wisconsin’s and Michigan’s go-to pest control provider, but we think it’s important to point them out when we can to inform our customers of how common and potentially dangerous an unchecked pest control issue can be. Don’t let your pest problem spiral out of control, contact us today for a free pest inspection!


Of Home Owners Have Had Ants In The Past Year

Deaths Caused Each Year By Insect Bites & Stings


Of The Worlds Food Supply Is Consumed By Rodents

Pest Control All Year Long

MasterGuard dedicates itself to providing top of the line, eco-friendly pest control services all year long, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Each season brings new challenges and new pests. For example, many pests procreate and multiply during the Spring and Summer, which is when you have the worst exterior pest problems. Fall and Winter will then see the pests from Spring and Summer trying to invade the interior of a property for warmth, food and hibernation.

Pest Control In 3 Steps

Step One : Pest Inspection – We send out a MasterGuard pest technician to seek out and evaluate any existing or potential pest control threats.

Step Two : Pest Removal – If our MasterGuard pest technician finds a pest problem, they’ll deal with it right then and there.

Step Three : Pest Prevention – Whether we found pests or not, preventing them from coming back with eco-friendly methods is the final step.


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