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MasterGuard Pest Control Milwaukee Services

As a Wisconsin based pest control company that has been operating for quite awhile now, we’ve seen everything pest related. We know just how to find, remove and prevent the majority of common pests in the Milwaukee, WI area. Our pest control technicians are specially trained to deal with pests specifically found in Milwaukee, WI ranging everything smaller like insects to the larger vermin such as moles, rats, mice and voles.

To see the most common pests we deal with, check out our pest library here. If you would like to schedule a pest inspection, pest removal or pest prevention service for your property, please fill out the form below and a representative will contact you shortly, or for immediate assistance, call us at (262) 408-2220.

We always recommend professional pest control services for most pest problems that Milwaukee, WI property owners experience as many pest problems are actually worse than they appear and require the right knowledge and experience to properly assess the severity of the pest problem. We know pest control can be a costly service, but not doing things right the first time can lead to an even worse, more costly problem if not handled properly from the start.

Our pest control Milwaukee service technicians are trained to properly assess and present multiple solutions to any pest problem from removal to prevention. We believe routine pest control maintenance is also very important. Our philosophy is that stopping a pest problem before it even begins is always the best approach. We work directly with property owners to create a highly customized plan that would work best with your property.

MasterGuard Pest Control Milwaukee services are available for both commercial and residential properties and includes a FREE first time pest inspection and $50 off your first pest removal or pest prevention!

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