Mosquito Control in Wisconsin

There are 56 species of mosquitoes in Wisconsin.  While most species of mosquito prefer feeding on nectar and flowers (along with all male mosquitos,) blood is a necessity in a female mosquito’s diet when they need extra protein to produce eggs. 

Mosquitos are quite elusive.  Mosquitos carefully inject us with saliva that numbs our skin while they are feeding, so we do not notice them until they are done.  When this numbing agent wears off, we itch because our immune system is combating the foreign mosquito saliva in our system.  Redness and swelling occur, and in some individuals with severe allergies, medical treatment may be necessary if attacked by many mosquitos.  


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One mosquito is easy to kill with a swat, but mosquitoes can be much more harmful than you think. Mosquitos are the 2nd deadliest animal on the planet behind humans.  Their spread of diseases like Malaria, West nile, Zika virus (specifically in the Wisconsin area), and Yellow Fever caused 438,000 deaths in the year 2015.  Viruses and diseases are not spread through transfused blood, but through the mosquito’s saliva.  One diseased mosquito can infect hundreds of people!

Wisconsin Mosquitos

The climate and landscape of Wisconsin makes an ideal habitat for mosquitoes.  The tall grasslands and acres of open forest create endless resources for the mosquito population.

Mosquitoes can make outdoor life unbearable.  If your yard becomes uninhabitable for you and your family during summer months due to mosquitoes, it is time for mosquito pest control from MasterGuard.  After one or two treatments you will be able to spend time in your backyard again!

Natural Mosquito Control


Much like having a birdhouse nearby, a bat home  can provide extensive benefits when controlling the mosquito population in your yard.  Mosquitos are a major part of the diet of bats in Wisconsin.

Avoid Stagnant Water

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water, pools, ponds, and creeks.  Even an overturned garbage can lid with rain water makes the perfect breeding ground for potentially thousands of new mosquitoes.


Our Mosquito Control Services

Masterguard provides ongoing mosquito control services so you can sit in your backyard again.

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