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No matter the pest, if you have it, we’ll find it! We’ll check inside and outside, in all the common and not so common places. We check for cracks in the foundation and seals around windows and thresholds and if we find nothing, you pay nothing for the inspection.


Pest infestations are a huge pain in the rear. Whether you’re experiencing the start of a new infestation or dealing with a full blown infestation, we’re ready to help at a moments notice. Give us a call or fill out the form below and we’ll be there in no time. 


You actually save the most money on pest control when investing in pest prevention services. Stop an infestation before it begins is easy, removing an existing infestation is far harder. Do yourself a favor and save yourself some time, money and hassle with preventative pest control.

Pests We Service

Ants | Asian Beetles | Bed Bugs | Bees | Box Elder Bugs | Centipedes | Cockroaches | Mice | Millipedes | Moles | Mosquitos | Rats | Silverfish | Spiders | Ticks | Voles | Wasps | And More!

milwaukee pest control area

Milwaukee Pest Control Service Branch
3215 Golf Road #293
Delafield, WI 53018
(262) 408-2224

appleton pest control areas

Appleton Pest Control Service Branch
691 S Green Bay Road #152
Neenah, WI 54956
(262) 408-2224

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MasterGuard Milwaukee Pest Control

Service Guarantee

MasterGuard was started in Wisconsin by pest control experts born and raised here almost three decades ago. All of our pest technicians have dealt with the same pests they service your home for. Our Milwaukee pest control services are no less, serviced by pest technicians living right in Milwaukee.

We’re ready to serve you for as long as you need. We operate every season of the year and all treatments are backed up with our MasterGuard guarantee. Should you continue to experience an issue after treatment, we will return at no extra cost to you!