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Whether you have wasps, bed bugs, ants, mice, rats, moles, voles, snakes, rats or nearly any other pest, we have you covered all year long with local Milwaukee pest removal by MasterGuard.

Call our Milwaukee branch at (262) 408-2224 or contact us with the form below and we’ll send out a pest removal service tech out as soon as you’re available to meet.

Why MasterGuard?

With over two dozen local pest control companies to choose from, we think it’s important to let our happy customers do the speaking for us. Take a look at what they say on these third party review platforms:

Angie’s List: A Rating (31 Reviews)
Google: 4.1/5 Stars (110 Reviews) 4.4/5 Stars 8/10

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*All inquiries about existing service plans must be had live over the phone with a MasterGuard service representative at (262) 408-2224.

What We Do During Our Pest Removal Services

One of the most important questions you can ask your pest control service is how they plan on removing pests from your property. If they’re anything but open with you about their methods, it may be worth looking elsewhere for a more open, and honest service. Regardless, as we’ve posted our reviews above, if you do use a different Milwaukee pest removal service than us, we highly recommend reading a handful of positive and negative reviews of any service beforehand to make the most educated decision possible. Unfortunately there are many pest control services out there who make a bad name for all of us in the industry, but we aim to fix that with quality service and unmatched customer service!

So how do we handle pest removal? We make use of a range of eco-friendly chemicals and traps to both remove pests you have and prevent them and other pests in the future. And though we say eco-friendly, we don’t want to undersell that the chemicals we use are still pesticides meant to stop pests. While the exact formulas we use for our pest removal services and pest prevention services change often, simply ask the local Milwaukee pest removal technician we send to your location what they will be using on your property and he or she will happily tell you and even show you if you’re interested. If for whatever reason you are uncomfortable with the treatment or methods the pest technician plans on using, please do not hesitate to let us know and we’ll find the appropriate solution to ensure your comfortability.

We also make use of traps to humanely remove the presence of pests. While not all of these traps are designed to fully prevent harm from the pest, we do our best to ensure that no harm comes to any pest we handle if it isn’t necessary. Once we’ve set these traps, we will come back routinely to check on them where we can then remove them and the pest inside, also humanely, to a safe location where they won’t be able to scurry back to your property after release.

Other tasks during our removal service including treating all window seals, door seals, foundation cracks, walkways, crawlspaces, attics, ceilings, roofs, basements, baseboards and nearly any other place a pest might be hiding out, even if they’re inside walls, under decking or inside roofing.

Last but not least, no job is completed until you’re satisfied. If you pay for one of our Milwaukee pest removal treatments, or pest prevention treatments, and you still see your pest scurrying about afterward, we will come back for additional treatments at no additional cost to you. Even if we have to come out 10 more times. Note, this does not apply to pests we did not treat for, so take advantage of our free pest inspections so we can find out exactly what’s bugging you before we get started!

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