Milwaukee Pest Prevention Treatments

Looking to stop pests from wrecking your property? MasterGuard is here to help!

Whether you have wasps, bed bugs, ants, mice, rats, moles, voles, snakes, rats or nearly any other pest, we have you covered all year long with our local Milwaukee pest prevention treatments by MasterGuard.

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Why MasterGuard?

With over two dozen local pest control companies to choose from, we think it’s important to let our happy customers do the speaking for us. Take a look at what they say on these third party review platforms:

Angie’s List: A Rating (31 Reviews)
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What We Do During Our Pest Prevention Treatments

The best way to save money on pest control is with routine pest prevention. Whether you do it yourself or go the professional route with us at MasterGuard, know that a pest removal service is more expensive on average than even multiple pest prevention treatments as often without some form of pest prevention, pests will continue to return which means you’ll need multiple pest removal services over time.

So what’s our pest prevention process at MasterGuard? We start with an inspection. We’ll analyze every bit of your property where we believe pests might make their home. For residential properties, this revolves most commonly around basements, closets, attics, crawlspaces, decking, siding, ceilings, and interior walls. For commercial properties, it depends on the layout, but often we’ll check inside ceiling tiles or rafters, roofing, ventilation, interior and exterior walls, drainage pipes, doorways and more.

After our initial inspection, we’ll go ahead and treat all of the mentioned locations and then some with our eco-friendly pest solution designed to keep bugs out and stop them from moving far past the treatment barrier should they manage to cross it. Further still, should you find yourself still dealing with pests after our treatment has had time to set in, we’ll come back at no extra charge to you!

Note that our pest prevention treatments work best when applied routinely every few months. This helps ensure the treatment barrier we apply stays strong as it will lose it’s strength as the solution breaks down. Additionally this also ensures you don’t run into pests due to some portions of the barrier deteriorating to the point faster than others. Lastly, with routine pest prevention, we can guarantee you’ll be protected all year long, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!

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