Milwaukee Pest Inspection Services

Think you might have a pest problem? Not sure and just want peace of mind? MasterGuard is here to help!

We’ll find out if you have any of the 18 plus pests we treat like wasps, box elder bugs, spiders, ants, moles, cockroaches and let you know exactly what if and how bad your pest problem is. Better yet, we’ll be able to give you a customized plan specific to your property right then and there!

Call our Milwaukee branch at (262) 408-2224 or contact us with the form below and we’ll send out our local Milwaukee pest inspection service tech out as soon as you’re available to meet.

Why MasterGuard?

With over two dozen local pest control companies to choose from, we think it’s important to let our happy customers do the speaking for us. Take a look at what they say on these third party review platforms:

Angie’s List: A Rating (31 Reviews)
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*All inquiries about existing service plans must be had live over the phone with a MasterGuard service representative at (262) 408-2224.

What We Do During Our Pest Inspection Services

Let us start by saying our pest inspection services are free. You literally have nothing to lose! If we don’t find any pests to be concerned about, you don’t pay a single cent. On top of that, should our pest inspection tech find anything to be concerned about, such as foundation leaks, broken window screens, drainage leaks, non-pest related property issues essentially, we can bring those to light as well. With many of those issues also come pest problems as leaky pipes allows for water to replenish pests that thrive in moist environments. Many pests can also enter the property through foundation cracks which is why we’ll treat them in our pest prevention treatments, but ultimately they should be properly repaired to stop further damage as well!

So what do we do during our pest inspection services? Inspect of course! Jokes aside, we will check everywhere and anywhere pests tend to dwell and hide. For residential properties this includes doorways, window sills, foundation, siding, interior walls, attics, crawlspaces, decking, baseboards, ceilings, basements, storage spaces, closets, the yard and more. In regards to commercial properties, it typically depends on the properties layout and type. Warehouses and larger facilities we often check rafters, interior walls, ventilation, drainage. Smaller facilities like offices we check drainage as well, but also ceiling tiles, carpeting, baseboards, entryways, doorways, storage rooms, server rooms, bathrooms and more.

After we’ve completed our inspection, we can recommend a customized plan just for your property right then and there. If you need a pest removal service, we’ll be able to gauge the problem and potentially take care of as well all in one swift service call! Ideally, if you don’t have a pest problem, we can also recommend a pest prevention treatment that we spray every few months to ensure the barrier we lay down maintains is full strength all year long, no matter what pest each season tends to bring to your doorstep. We highly recommend getting on a pest prevention plan with us or another service regardless as you’ll save potentially thousands removing a pest problem versus hundreds preventing them for years. Contact your MasterGuard branch for our local Milwaukee pest inspection services today!

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