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No-Nonsense Pest Control

Believe us when we say we dislike pests. So much so we started an entire pest control company just so we could have more opportunity to get at them! As residents of Milwaukee ourselves, we know exactly what it takes to succeed as a Milwaukee pest control company having dealt with the exact pests you might be dealing with yourself. Our services include free pest inspections for all customers and both pest removal services and pest prevention treatments, all of which are customized precisely to your home for maximum efficiency.

Our Service Overview

Pests We Service

Our Service Overview

Free Pest Inspections

Did we say free pest inspections? Yes. Yes, we did. Whether you know you have a pest problem or not, we’ll find out for you, and if you don’t have a pest problem that we can find, you won’t pay a single cent!

Pest Removal Service

If you know you have a pest problem, we’re happy to help get rid of it for you. Rats? Gone. Wasps? Gone. Stinkbugs? Gone. We can remove over 20 different common household pests with ease. Contact us today or call us at (262) 408-2224.

Pest Prevention Treatments

If you don’t have pests currently and/or would like to ensure they stay away after a pest removal service from us, we offer routine, eco-friendly pest prevention treatments designed to keep your house pest-free all year long.

Pests We Service

Calls Us If Your Pest Isn’t Listed

Ants, Bees
Bed Bugs, Box Elder Bugs
Centipedes, Cockroaches
Millipedes, Moles
Rodents, Silverfish
Spiders, Ticks
Fleas, Voles
And More

Why Us As Your Milwaukee Pest Control Service?

It can be a bit of a challenge picking out which pest control service to use. After all, there are dozens of us in the area from well-recognized names who rely on brand recognition to the newcomers who will do anything for your business. We think we fall somewhere in between. We’ve been around long enough that most people in the area should recognize the MasterGuard name, but we’re still willing to work to get your business.

We also believe our experience sets us apart from the rest with over 25+ years of experience in the pest control industry. Combine the experience of out staff, and we near 100 years of total pest control experience! Add our unbeatable pricing to the mix and you’ve just found your Milwaukee pest control service for life. All the same, we highly recommend checking out our reviews on Angie’s List, Google and other review platforms to get a better idea of just how much our customers love us and why you will too.

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