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MasterGuard Pest Control Inc. is your loyal professional pest management company. We are here to give your property the best mouse control Milwaukee has to offer. If you see chew marks on wires and furniture or small amounts of urine and feces, the chances are good that you need Milwaukee mouse control in your home or business. Contact a professional to inspect your property before you see signs. Mice hide well enough for you not to notice them right away, so your mouse problem might be farther along than you think.

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Inspections & Mouse Behavior

Professionals here at MasterGuard Pest Control, Inc. conduct routine inspections.  We inspect for all invasive insects, rodents, and other wildlife. Nowadays, our health is necessary to maintain, and infestations make that impossible. From respiratory disorders to stomach issues, pests put our health at risk.

There are many reasons mice are drawn to our homes. One of the reasons is backyard feeders attract wildlife like rodents. If you are having problems with mice, be sure to start by removing all bird feeders and birdbaths.

Rodents do not leave their spot once they find a nesting place. For every one rodent you see, there are a dozen more from its family, all residing close to their nest.

Mice are messy and destructive pests. Damages to personal property are not unusual. After your infestation is clear, we recommend replacing all wires with chew marks to prevent fires and repairing all cracks, entrypoints for pests, in the entirety of the building.


Taking action to fight a mouse infestation is dangerous – Mouse removal requires proper precautions. For example, you do not want to vacuum mouse droppings, because inhaling dust containing the deadly Hantavirus. Our professionals cautiously perform decontamination and sanitization with a rodent infestation wearing appropriate gear. It is important to remember it is dangerous to remove any part of a mouse infestation, either living or dead mice, along with their nests, urine, and feces.

Treatment Action Selection

-Chemical treatment, either being pesticides or rodenticide, takes several visits. Chemical treatments include placing the first spray and clean up once they have taken to the poison. Whatever is taking over will come out of hiding to invade another space. We will set treatment, remove the pest, clean up after the mess, and put preventatives in their appropriate spots.

-Physical traps include glue, snap, and humane. All of these popular traps are chemical-free (unless baited), but the clean up is unsanitary and very dangerous.

-Heat treatment kills the bacteria and viruses found in the rodent’s urine and feces; traps and poisons do not provide this.  Electronics, such as computers, TVs, and other devices, need to be closed and turned off during heat treatment.

-Fumigation is the last option for mouse control. This method kills one hundred percent of all living things. Fumigating your property takes anywhere from three days to a week.

Milwaukee mouse control
A box trap for mice outside of a commercial property

Taking Extra Steps

Hygienic steps to disinfecting, sanitizing, and proper cleaning after infestations (or even everyday tasks) can help with pest control. However, even the cleanest properties can see pests.  Pests can go undetected within walls, floors, baseboards and ceilings, and can make a big mess without you even knowing it.

Once you had the all-clear from an infestation, you may still need pest control. Remember, just because you have pest control does not mean an infestation – it becomes a preventative measure, to insure property damage doesn’t occur from a new infestation.

Don’t let mice run right back in after going through the hard work of keeping them out, get the best Milwaukee Mouse Control from MasterGuard.

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