Infestation Prevention

MasterGuard Pest Control, Inc. infestation prevention services are guaranteed to keep you pest free all year long, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. No service is complete until you’re fully satisfied that your pest problem has been handled.

Do I Really Need Prevention Services?

Infestation prevention and pest prevention in general are very important aspects to property ownership that are often overlooked until it’s too late.

It literally pays not to become another statistic in the pest control industry by staying prepared with preventative pest control. With it, you’ll not only save yourself the hassle of dealing with a pest problem entirely, but also the cost of removing one, which is far more costly than routine prevention services, take our word for it!

We’ve been preventing pests in Wisconsin for over 30 years, helping both homes and businesses alike stay pest free all year long. For more information about the pests we service, check out our pest library page or give your local MasterGuard service branch a call and ask a service tech about your pest problem. They’ll be happy to help you out!

The long and short of it is however, that yes, you do need pest prevention services. While houses these days are built to seal off as much of Mother Nature as possible, no property is 100% safe from pests. The only thing preventing most people from a pest problem is time, but with MasterGuard infestation prevention treatments, we can add to that time, keeping your property free of pests for as long as we’re treating your property.

MasterGuard Pest Control Services

infestation inspection

Infestation Inspection

Not sure if you have a pest infestation problem? Let us check for you, on us. If we find nothing, you don’t pay a cent, but should we find a problem, we detail a solution for you on the spot.

infestation prevention

Infestation Prevention

If you’re ready to ensure your home or business remains pest free from infestation all year long, contact us below to find your closest service MasterGuard branch!

infestation removal

Infestation Removal

If you’ve got an existing pest infestation, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us below to find your closest MasterGuard service branch and we’ll send a tech out immediately.

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