eliminating bed bugs

Eliminating Bed Bugs

Having bed bugs can be a stressful situation because bed bugs can be create nests in many different areas of the home. They are called bed bugs because they are most commonly found in beds to feed on our blood while we sleep. However, bed bugs can be in furniture, walls, carpet, clothes, pillows and even luggage. So getting rid of bed bugs can take more than sterilizing your mattress and pillows.

Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bugs burrow in and out of their nests so if you have a mattress or a cushion with bed bugs, chances are, after you treat the area, they can still remain on the inside. It’s up to the owner of the furniture whether they want to live with the Bed Bug remains or replace the piece completely. Replacing entire mattresses and cushions on furniture can be extremely expensive so be sure to properly treat your home for bed bugs, or hire a professional to help eliminate the Bed Bug problem properly.

Consider hiring a professional pest removal company to eliminate the bed bug problem entirely. A pest removal technician can treat your entire home or just the known affected areas for bed bugs. Everyone has their own preference but there are different levels of treatment that range from steam cleaning to powerful pesticides. Your pest removal technician can suggest different methods based on what is required and how bad the bed bugs have affected your home.

Professional bed bug removal specialists are trained to check different areas for signs of bed bugs, and treat as many areas as needed. Each home owner is different so we offer different types of remedies for dealing with bed bugs, not just a single, potentially harmful method to get the job done. When it comes to bed bugs, faster is always better but when it comes to the health and safety of the occupants of a home, there are always alternatives that can take time in order to insure the safest environment during the bed bug treatment.

Identifying Bed Bugs

There are plenty of ways to determine if you have bed bugs before you call us, the professionals, in. Adult bed bugs can be easily seen with the naked eye if you know where to look and what to look for. They’re about the size of a apple seed and a reddish, brown color. Younger bed bugs are more translucent in their color and smaller making them a bit harder to spot.

Since bed bugs shed their skin you can often find their sheddings in locations they are generally found in. This would be along room baseboards, mattress seams, between furniture and the wall, under cushions, under blankets and plenty of other locations involving furniture and tight spaces. If you notice tiny blood stains on your clothing or sheets, it’s likely bed bugs if nothing else. You can also spot their eggs in clusters along furniture seems.

Eliminating Bed Bugs

Getting rid of bed bugs can be a difficult task if not done properly. Consult a professional for best results, but if you want to try to squelch the problem yourself, we can help guide you a bit. Bed bugs are highly susceptible to heat meaning steam cleaning of surfaces and furniture is a wonderful way to sterilize your funiture and kill any hidden bed bugs.

Rubbing alcohol will also kill beg bugs shortly after contact. If you find them on your clothes or furniture covers, a thorough wash at high heat will do the job. Vacuuming along the walls and corners of rooms, between and under furniture can also prevent any hidden eggs from hatching. Third party pesticides can do the job temprorarily but are generally not rated for long term use unlike our own professional grade, home friendly pesticides which are.

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