5 Do It Yourself Pest Tips

Small pest control problems can be a thorn in the side and easily handled with some quick do it yourself pest control that will stop pests dead in their tracks…literally!

Consider Using MasterGuard

When do it yourself pest control methods are ineffective or not in the cards for whatever reason, we’re always here to help 24/7/365 all year long, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Pest Inspection

Not sure you have pests? Let us find out for you, no payment required. If we find nothing, you pay nothing, but if we do, we can help you right then and there!

Pest Removal

Whether you know you have a problem or we find it for you, we’ll handle the problem without issue using eco-friendly pest control to keep your property safe.

Pest Prevention

The best way to save on pest control is through preventative maintenance. Never deal with a pest problem again with MasterGuard at your back all year long.

#1 Inspect Your Foundation For Cracks

One of the easiest things you can do to hold down the fort and keep pests out of your property is first finding where they’re coming in from. Walking your property once a month in search of any openings on your properties exterior can help cut down on both smaller and larger pests from getting easy access. Once you’ve found and fixed the exterior openings, repeat on the interior too!

#2 Take Out Your Garbage And Recycling

Pests intrude for a few reasons, one of which is for food. Ensuring your garbage is secured from pests will avoid attracting pests while routinely removing your garbage to a more secluded spot before trash day will also keep pests from returning from habit. A simple clamp or seal on your trash cans lid will prevent both bugs from entering and smells from escaping to attract larger pests like raccoons.

#3 Dehumidify Your Home

Using a dehumidifier, you can keep your basement and other rooms too low in humidity for spiders and other insects to thrive in, helping both drive them away and kill any that are currently taking up residence. A helpful tip is to keep an eye out for spiders, bugs and their droppings when you’re dusting to get a good idea of where you may have a problem to take care of.

#4 Mix Soapy Water Spray Together To Ward Off Bugs

 Box Elder Bugs are some of the worst offenders we’re called for at MasterGuard. During their highly populated Fall months, we recommend keeping light, soapy water in a spray bottle on hand to spray at box elder bug congregations wherever they are on your property. The spray will immediately deter them from sticking around and prevent them from returning for a short while. This spray will also work against some other bugs even and can be used on the top soil layer of indoor plant to stop pests from nesting in them too.

#5 Create Your Own Ant Trap

Using a 1/2 cup of sugar, 2 TBSP of Borax, cotton balls and a cup of warm water, you can mix the 3 ingredients and soak the cotton balls in the mixture to be set about for ants to find. The sugar will entice them to grab a piece while the Borax will eventually kill them off. Highly recommended to be placed only near ant congregations to prevent any unwanted animal or human from coming into contact.

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