Box Elder Bugs Control Services

Box Elder Bugs are the definition of a nuisance pest. When they show up, they show up in force, and while they’re not particularly damaging to your home itself, they can do a bit of damage to vegetation around your property. Particularly targeting maple trees, Box Elder Bugs are known to fly a handful of miles away from their nesting place to find food. While they aren’t as much of an issue in the Spring and Summer due to nicer weather outside, once Fall and Winter hits, they’ll be knocking at your door more often than you’d like and they won’t take no for an answer.

How We Can Help With Box Elder Bugs

Like every other pest we service, we offer free Box Elder Bugs inspections, removal, and prevention treatments. Just contact your local branch here, by phone, or with the contact form at the bottom of this page and we’ll be happy to help you get rid of Box Elder Bugs or any other pest you might have.

We also highly recommend checking out our reviews on Angie’s List, Google, and other review platforms to get a good idea of our successes with our other customers and how we can help with your Box Elder Bug problem.

Why Are Box Elder Bugs Invading Your Home?

Great question. Box Elder Bugs are primarily attracted to female maple trees and their seed pods, however, they can and will consume other food sources via a feeding tube to drain their target of nutrients. Even if you don’t have maples on your property, you’re unfortunately not in the clear as you may have noted already. As we mentioned above, they will fly several miles away from their original nest to find their ideal food source, so though you may not have maples, if you’re experiencing them, you’re likely on their path. Should you have maples on your property, you can always remove them entirely, but even then, that is no guarantee you won’t deal with them in the future.

They tend to stay outdoors during the Spring and Summer due to more habitable weather, but during Fall and Winter, they’ll be looking for warmth like any other pest or animal would, which makes your home a prime target. Given the nature of things, even if you were to shut off your heat entirely, your home would still be a welcome reprieve from the harsh outdoor climate once the temperature drops. Instead, we recommend a preventative treatment designed to keep them from crawling in through places that might not be sealed properly like door thresholds, window screens, foundation, basement windows, ventilation and a dozen other areas that our pest technicians are trained to spot and treat.

Useful Things To Know About Box Elder Bugs

Box Elder Bugs are fully capable of flying, which means simply sealing off areas for them to crawl through won’t fully solve the issue. If you’re keen on keeping your windows open in cooler weather, make sure you have a screen to keep them out. Same goes for having a patio door open. We recommend searching Amazon for a simple screen mesh that you can put up around most doorways.

Should you find yourself face to face with a Box Elder Bug, do not squish them! Similarly to Stink Bugs, Box Elder Bugs will emit a foul odor that will stick to you until washed thoroughly off. We suggest getting a cup and piece of paper to scoop and secure them in for you to release outside. It’s rare for them to bite, but it’s possible they will emit their stinky odor even if not squashed, so handling them by hand isn’t recommended either.

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