Ant Pest Control

Where there is one, there are many thousands more. Ants can be one of the hardest pests to get rid of, even with professional ant pest control services, however we’ve been successfully dealing with ants for over 45 years and are prepared to take on and remove your ant problem for good.

MasterGuard Ant Pest Control Services

Ant Inspections

Ants can be quite hard to spot given their unique characteristics. Let us do the hard work for you with a FREE ant inspection. We’ll put your mind at ease at no cost to you and should we find anything, we’ll take of the issue right then and there for you with our ant removal services.

Ant Removal

Once we’ve found the root of your ant problem, we can go ahead and being our removal services, effectively stopping the an infestation in its tracks. The size of your problem will determine the methods we use, but we’ll always inform you before any action we take.

Ant Prevention

Unfortunately for people everywhere, ant pest control is a never ending battle. Ants will always try their best to encroach wherever they can. However with our ant prevention services, we’ll not only repel ants from your property, but other pests as well, all year long.

Where You Can Look For Ants On Your Property

Ants are known to be able to appear where you least expect them. Because of their size, they can get into almost any building and through any crack, gap or hole available to them. Once inside however, they will tend to stick to a few easy to spot areas like wall trim, window sills, door thresholds, and counter tops most commonly. If you do have them, it’s very likely they showed up due to access to food and/or water, so it’s always recommended you check these locations thoroughly often to ensure an infestation isn’t growing or already there.

On the outside, we ourselves will often check any exposed foundation for any cracks or shrubbery or trees even that are close to the property that could cause root damage to the foundation which can let in pests or tree limb access to the roof of the property. Even then, the area around the property should also be inspected routinely for ant hills primarily, but any ant presence to ensure they stay outside at the least, but also not harm the surrounding shrubbery in any way either.

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