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Ant Control Milwaukee

Got an ant problem? Consider it squashed! Give your local MasterGuard branch a call today and we’ll send out a pest technician from our ant control Milwaukee department before you know it. If you’re a new to our pest control services, talk to a live MasterGuard representative using the green live chat at the bottom right side of your screen, or request a free pest inspection consultation here! If you have any specific concerns about your ant control problem our live chat specialist are available 24/7 to help, otherwise call your local branch during our regular business hours 9AM-6PM CST.

Ants can gain access to your home or property from any number of openings. Garages, windows, doors, and ventilation are just to name a few and for the most part, all entry points can be treated with our ant control treatments to stop ants dead in their tracks. Our ant control treatments create an invisible barrier that prevent ants from step over and into your property. On the off chance an ant or two does get through or there is an existing ant problem, our interior treatments will handle interior ant problems as well. In either case, we’ll ensure to treat both the indside and outside of your property to provide maximum protection and coverage. 

Try Our Free Ant Control Inspection

All first time pest inspections are free, including ant inspections. Pest inspections detail a technician coming out, checking common ant entry points on the exterior and interior of the property, looking for any evidence of an ant problem. Hopefully we find nothing, in which case we’ll still give you our recommended preventative service plan customized to your property. But if we do find an ant problem, then we can determine exactly where we need to proceed to remove the ant presence entirely and prevent them from ever coming back.

ant control milwaukee

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