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Ant Control Brookfield, Wisconsin

When we are called out for ant control Brookfield services, our process starts with identifying the entire expanse of the ant colony or ant nest then determining the best course of action to eliminate their presence. Through thorough treatment of the affected areas with our patented ant control methods, we’ll make sure we remove any ant presence and prevent more from inhabiting the area for long after.

When we determine your level of ant infestation, we check all the usual access points and then some, looking for any potential nook or cranny an ant can come through. These access points include windows, doors, vents, utility holes, and garages. These usual access points areas can be treated, effectively creating a barrier that ants won’t cross and if they do, they won’t last long on the other side.

Interior Ant Control 

For ants already inside the property, we deal with them by setting up extra interior barriers. Your common house ant and carpenter ant can generally be found inside walls or under appliances where sinks, water, food particles, and dust can accumulate. Part of our ant control methodology is to locate and treat these common areas for ants to visit. Thoroughly cleaning areas and surfaces is a great DIY ant control method as ants travel based on the scent of a scout so if that scent is wiped cleaned, more ants won’t appear. 

Ant control is effective on all ants but should be targeted towards ants classified as pests. Pest ant species include the pavement ant, yellow crazy ant, sugar ants, the Pharaoh ant, carpenter ants, Argentine ant, odorous house ants, red imported fire ant, and European fire ant. If you see or think you have any of these ants in or around your property, contact MasterGuard Pest Control today for our ant control Brookfield, Wisconsin services.

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